2021 popular Smart lowest Feller Fart Smeller: And sale Other Spoonerisms online

2021 popular Smart lowest Feller Fart Smeller: And sale Other Spoonerisms online

2021 popular Smart lowest Feller Fart Smeller: And sale Other Spoonerisms online


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A wordplay master takes some of the more comical examples of spoonerisms--a flip-flop of the initial sounds of a group of words--and pairs them with his equally hilarious pictures. 50,000 first printing.

From School Library Journal

Grade 3 Up In this amusing wordplay collection, humorous and expressive gray-and-white illustrations accompany each question and response. What did Grandpa say to his favorite granddaughter? Let me give you a hair bug! In the same way, Handle with care becomes Candle with hair and You have very bad manners becomes You have very mad banners. An answer key on the back page explains What they said and What they meant to say. The cover painting, which shows a cowboy eating beans back to back with an academic holding his nose, will attract kids. Combining the thrill of a riddle with the silliness of a spoonerism, Agee has created another winner. Kirsten Cutler, Sonoma Library, CA
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From Booklist

Gr. 2-4. "What did the trucker order for lunch?" Turn the page and find the answer: "A chilled grease sandwich." Using full-page black-and-white cartoons that play with the mixed-up words, Agee captures the fun of spoonerisms. The farce of the verbal puns is extended by pictures that caricature everyone--from the yokel who tells the cute little girl "you have such a dirty pimple" to the class genius who "burned a lunch." And of course, there''s the mix-up captured in the title. A brief introduction explains what a spoonerism is, and the last page summarizes "what they said" with "what they meant to say." Kids will recognize the embarrassment of flip-flopping words as well as the fun when someone else does it. Sure to be read aloud. For more spoonerisms, suggest Shel Silverstein''s Runny Babbit (2005). Hazel Rochman
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About the Author

Jon Agee is the author/illustrator of The Incredible Painting of Felix Clousseau (an ALA Notable), The Return of Freddy Legrand (an SLJ Best Book), and Dmitri the Astronaut, each chosen by The New York Times as one of the ten best picture books of the year. He has also created six popular books of wordplay, among them Go Hang a Salami! I’m a Lasagna Hog! He lives in San Francisco.

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